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Baciccia: a place for everybody

When they called us to “recreate” Baciccia, we immediately realized that it would be a beautiful and complex project. The restaurant, inaugurated in the early 2000s, has always been an important reference point for the city of Piacenza. Housed inside what was once a cattle shed, it had been the subject of careful and meticulous restructuring, but the natural changes that had been made over the years had created a stratification that had dulled the strength of the initial concept.

We did a massive redefinition of the garden, studying new paths and designing large tables that housed big planters inside of them. We created a new outdoor bar with an iron and glass structure, and we fully renovated the veranda, turning it into a greenhouse full of wonderful plants and vintage furniture.

On the inside we redefined the colors, changed the lighting and transformed the old manger into a large flower box to house plants and cacti, creating a very suggestive setting.

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Vintage Stuff: Loppis | Parma

Release Date: January 5, 2019

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