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“Vale, we want to open another restaurant in Paris, but this time seafood…what shall we call it?”

Mariaclaudia and Aurelio are lifelong friends, so when they involved us for the total concept of their new Parisian restaurant, we accepted with great joy.

Ammare, a name we proposed because it resonated with us as Amare, Mare, Aurelio and Mariaclaudia, and especially as “al mare” said in the Sicilian way. And it was in Sicily that this project saw its conception, specifically on the island of Lampedusa, on a sultry August afternoon.

Ammare is a delightful little restaurant on Rue Tiquettonne in the heart of Paris.

As we were telling you, we started precisely from the name therefore and from the suggestions that this name gave us.

The sea , the deep sea of the Sicilian channel and the blue color of the clear sky and the horizon line. Then we thought of building this restaurant as if it were the inside of a boat: as many people probably know in France spaces are much more exploitative than in Italy and this having to optimize every inch suggested to us the interiors of boats, with the wall banquettes, the soft fabrics, the dark wood, the brass and the collected atmosphere.

We kept the hexagonal cementine floor and reclaimed a stone wall, at the back of the room we built a brass counter curved like a wave, and on the back wall we used a large slab of stoneware that looks like the sea rippled by the movement of the undertow.

For Ammare, as often happens to us, we had fun designing everything: from the logo to the corporate image, from the menu to the tables, from the bar counter to the glass and brass bottle rack.

A complete project, the one we like best.

If you pass through Paris, let us know what you think.





Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Paris, France

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Private

Photographer: Valentina Elmiger

Release Date: May 20, 2022

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