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The Refurby project, the innovative start-up that reconditions and resells used electronics of all kinds, has arrived at the physical store and we finally had the opportunity to try the last phase of this exciting branding project that we have accompanied and seen grow from birth.

Having found ourselves in the unique possibility to think of a store starting from the name, the concept practically materialized on its own before our eyes when we began to imagine the spaces; white, glossy furniture, designed like the boxes that contain the reconditioned products; colored lights with the brand’s colors, metal grids for a flexible display of the product and a triple colored line that ideally and physically connects the products, to symbolize the guarantee and care with which the company reconditioned the used products before reselling them.

The Refurby chain has reached its third store: Lodi, Crotone and Piacenza. Here we propose the last born.



Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Piacenza | Italia

Client: Refurby

Release Date: October 8, 2020

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