OH MY CRUNCH! | Restaurant design


The opportunity that presented itself this time was truly unique and unmissable: to study a concept and create the first of a series of gourmet sandwich restaurants with an evocative name: OH MY CRUNCH!

The branding, curated by our friends at CRSL lab, focused on creating a name that encapsulated the crunchiness of this special bread, the secret ingredient and unique characteristic of these incredibly good sandwiches.

So how do you choose the right restaurant for the best sandwich in the world? First of all, you have to try the sandwich. And we did. Honestly, the first bite was a subtle explosion of flavour and crunchiness. Crunchiness was supposed to be the starting concept, and indeed our design attempts to break/shorten the space into two clearly identifiable halves. The front of the restaurant, with simple geometries and minimalist details, contrasts in a crunch with the kitchen and bar, celebrated by an explosion of flaming pink alabaster stone (sustainably reproduced with high-performance polycarbonate).

Mission accomplished!


Location: Forte dei Marmi, Italy

Designer: www.vandamarcel.com


Foto credits: www.evolvency.com

Release Date: June 9, 2023


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