GOLFO MISTICO | Product Design


The Golfo Mistico in Turin is a place of creativity.

Born from the mind and heart of Samuel Romano, singer, musician and voice of Subsonica, the Golfo Mistico houses the recording studio of the Turin artist but is conceived to be a space where the arts meet, communicate and merge, to give life to new creative languages.

When Samuel asked us to design a staircase for him that would join the ground floor to the mezzanine of his Golfo Mistico, we took shoe references, combined the materials already present in parts of the space and thought of an element that could add value to the aesthetics of the space, in addition to the obvious functional matrix that every staircase brings with it.

The result is a solid, structured, industrial element, but defined in its simple materiality.

Thank you to Samuel for his trust, we are happy to have contributed with one of our pieces to the creation of a place where the music we love so much is composed.




Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Turin | Italy

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Samuel Romano

Release Date: December 15, 2021


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