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Fantasyteam is a company that provides remote gaming services.

The sports theme was definitely predominant, as was dynamism and the playful element. All ingredients that led us to think of a colourful, bright and fun space.

We strongly believe in the importance of the living quality of workspaces, we spend most of our waking lives in offices and we know how much a correctly designed space in terms of environment, light and comfort can considerably improve the quality of life of those who live those spaces while working.

Better quality of life translates into greater productivity.

In this project we were given an empty box, a beautiful space that had recently been renovated. In this box we built a world of shared spaces, play and wonder.

For them we designed a large light made from the design of a football field, which illuminates the meeting room table; an S-shaped table illuminated by a double light also designed by us that follows its outline; and steps for more informal meetings, which take up the idea of the stadium stands.




Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Piacenza | Italy

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Fantasyteam

Photo credits: Nikka Dimroci

Furniture: Evolux arredi

Release Date: November 14, 2022


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