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When approaching a residential interior design project, what do you start with?

From the person who is going to live in these rooms, from their experience, their expectations and their dreams.

We are used to dealing with projects of various kinds, but when it is a house, the tools and design solutions are always different, because the quality of our life, whether we are aware of it or not, is largely dependent on how our home welcomes us.

You can understand, therefore, how complex it is to apply the rules of good domestic living when they have to be completed and mixed with people’s desires, tastes and memories.

In this case we are in Como, in a semi-detached villa not far from the lake. S, our client, wants to fix up the part dedicated to him. The house had been inhabited until a few years earlier and still had the shape and finish of its construction in the late 1980s.

As we like it, we designed everything and the large wooden cube that we placed in the living area, we made it into a concealed kitchen wall, an entrance for hallway and bathroom and a TV wall.

The custom-designed kitchen was created with a large central cooking island, clad in black marble. For once, we have forsaken the colours we love so much in favour of a more understated, masculine but striking décor.

Another amazing opportunity that we happily seized and which we are sure has contributed to improving the time spent in the home of those who now live there.


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Location: Como Lake

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Private

Photo credits: Valentina Elmiger

Release Date: September 20, 2022

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