CANNONCINO | Pastry design


Paola came to the studio on a warm afternoon in late spring: she told us that she wanted to open a pastry shop in Piacenza, which is certainly a difficult place for a ‘foreigner’, and that she had done some research which led her to us.

She didn’t yet know where she was going to open it or what she was going to call it. All she knew was that she wanted to make walking canons and to entrust us with the study of the name, branding, coordinated image and architectural and interior design.

A complete project, the one we like best.

We always know and repeat how important and promising it is to create a concept that is consistent with the branding and logo, so we were delighted to accept the assignment.

The name came by itself, often the simplest solution is also the best one, and for the concept we were inspired by the organic architecture of Rudolf Steiner’s Goetheanum in Dornach, we created soft lines and asymmetrical curves in every direction, rounded all the edges, coloured everything custard-coloured from floor to ceiling and illuminated with glass and brass lights.

Imagine yourself entering a crispy, freshly baked cannoncino, hear the sounds muffled by the softness of the custard, immerse yourself in the curves of sweetness, smell the scent of butter and icing sugar.
You have entered the Cannoncino pastry shop, our latest, rounded creation.



Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Piacenza | Italy

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Private

Set up: Nivule e Pesci rossi, Minimal Tote Bags, Kadoo flower design, Cantine Barattieri

Photographer: Valentina Elmiger

Release Date: January 30, 2022

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