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Dreams have no boundaries, we know that.

But how many have the courage to follow a big dream and not let it get them down when they come up against reality?

It is not the first time we have been lucky enough to meet people who really believe in dreams, but each time it is different.

The dynamics, the methods, the timing and the background change. What all the dreams of the people who come to us have in common is the trust they place in VANDA, in our way of shaping ideas to make them come alive, in a story made of matter, hope and enthusiasm.

Alessandro and Andree, runners by attitude, have decided to believe in their passion and turn it into a job. The only fixed point is the name: UP & DOWN.

For the rest, we trust you, they told us.

To give shape to their dream, we drew heavily on our long experience with Nike, deciding on a space that would help with sales, elevate the product and engage the consumer.

Up&Down is the latest of the TOTAL CONCEPTs created by our studio, a journey that started with a logo and a coordinated image that modelled the interiors, defining spaces, colours, materials and becoming a three-dimensional representation of a brand designed from scratch.

As we like it, everything here is custom-designed and created by our fantastic craftsmen.

In Up&Down the logo we designed becomes physical and the & becomes a huge solid volume that works for product launches.

We chose materials and colours that represented innovation, speed, strength.

Orange, white, black and electric blue.

The electro-galvanised sheet metal we chose for the volumes resting on the floor underwent passivation, which with its iridescent effect gave a sense of lightness to the entire shop.

All the elements for hanging clothing are made of black painted tubular metal and the counter was made by bending an electric blue sheet.

We present Up&Down, a shop specialising in sports articles for running and trail running, which from day one has become a reference point for running enthusiasts in the city of Piacenza.




Logo Vanda Designers

Location: Piacenza | Italy

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Client: Up&Down

Photo credits: Valentina Elmiger

Release Date: March 7, 2022

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