VANDA | Branding


Let’s talk about us.

When we decided to found our studio we thought for a long time about what the name could be; we reviewed all the possible combinations, we were attracted by the idea of using our surnames Elmiger and De La Fuente…they gave us a sense of exoticism with that international touch that doesn’t hurt.

And yet there was something that didn’t fit, too long, complicated, the pronunciations, the H.

So one day, doing the combination of our two initials “V” and “A” we came to V&A, that is VandA VANDA! Perfect! We exclaimed. It was perfect. The name of a woman, of a flower, delicate but firm, easy to remember, beautiful to see.

But Vanda wasn’t enough. What was our symbol? Who were we? What did we want to communicate?

What we have always had in common is a maniacal attention to detail and a boundless love for what we do, so perfection and passion, which we have translated with a diamond cut in the shape of a heart.

This is us.

Release Date: August 18, 2010

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