GUSTAVO’S PIZZA | Restaurant Design

The Luppoleria colourful extension

The first Luppoleria, made a year ago, was born from heterogeneous inspirations that want to reflect the melting pot of the neighborhood. We wanted to mix styles, colors, suggestions and stories to help the integration that is still difficult to achieve.

From the same desire was also born the extension of the room, although the goal is the same the story is another and then, through the door that connects the two spaces, the concept and the story change.

In this space we have designed every piece of furniture to measure so that we can lean against the old walls, full of defects and often not orthogonal, to create an environment that dialogues with the past but that brings to Piacenza a totally new place. Also in this interior there are plants that become the characters that animate the entire story and “sit” at the table with the diners.

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Location: Piacenza | Italy

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Light Design: Muselli OfficineLuce

Release Date: November 11, 2019

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