MELAGGIUSTI | Retail Design


Melaggiusti is a company that deals with telephone repair and accessory sales. For them we created a concept that was in line with their business idea: technological recovery, sustainability and low budgets. This is why we have created a series of shops with a strong aesthetic impact and low economic impact, and we declined them throughout the chain of stores opening until 2018.


Logo Vanda Designers

Client: Melaggiusti

Luogo: Piacenza | Parma | Bergamo | Biella | Crotone | Catania | Cosenza | Lecce | Altamura | Roma | Treviso | Brescia | Messina | Ferrara | Alcamo

Designer: Valentina Elmiger

Design delle luci: Macchinazioni Teatriali

Release Date: 2012